5 Summertime Tips for Great Looking Makeup! 

summer make up tips

Looking our best can often be challenging, which is why our beauty habits must change with the current season. Knowing exactly what products to use and which to avoid can either make or break your look, especially during those hot, humid summer months. Here are a 5 tips to keep your makeup looking fresh and summery.

  1. Change Foundations-As the sun kisses your skin, you’ll begin to see that golden summer glow emerge. This means that you’ll need to change your foundation to at least one shade darker than your winter shade. You might also want to change your formula to a lightweight formula or even a tinted moisturizer, because who really wants to wear a full coverage foundation in 80 degrees weather?
  2. Always Prime First-Your skin’s natural oils are your foundations worst enemy. Primer creates a barrier between your skin and your foundation, preventing the two from combining. Your oils separate the pigment in your foundation, creating a blotchy and uneven appearance. Primer also helps minimize the appearance of large pores due to higher summer temperatures.
  3. Undoubtedly, Go Waterproof-There is nothing less flattering than smeared mascara around the eyes. Sweat and oils will accumulate, especially under the eyes, so avoid applying mascara on the bottom lashes in the summer. Use a waterproof formulation, like GLO MINERAL’S VOLUMIZING MASCARA for your natural lashes, or LONGMI’S SPECIALLY FORMULATED MASCARA for lash extensions, to keep those lashes brilliantly long throughout the day.
  4. Bronze Away– Well…just don’t overdo it. Bronzer is meant to be used on the apples of your cheeks, below the cheekbones, or on your forehead. Avoid applying it all over the face or you risk looking overly shiny and oily.
  5. Keep Lips Subtle-Although a red lipstick will remain a timeless classic, a lip stain will always beat any lipstick, lip crayon, or lip gloss during the summertime. Lip stains provide just enough color and hydration to keep your lips looking healthy and luscious, without risking nasty smears or rollovers due to sweat.

So there you have it, our 5 summertime tips to long-lasting and great looking makeup! Stop by our store and check out our entire GLO MINERALS makeup line…beauty is waiting!

By: Daliah H.

Copyright @ Daliah H. 2016

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